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AMMO & Company Ltd are specialists in the production of Drum Major Staffs and Sashes, Scottish ceremonial regalia, including bonnet badges, plaid brooches, doublet buttons and badges, waist and cross belts for broadswords, together with dirks and sgian-dubhs.

Core Competencies

  • Drum major's staff (mace), practice staff (mace), parade cane, dress cord, sash, and shoulder sash
  • Embroidered badges of appointment
  • Metal badges of rank & appointment
  • Drumsticks with metal mounts, gold or silver plated.
  • Gauntlet gloves
  • Sword belts & slings
  • Swords & scabbards
  • Musical instruments including trumpets, trombones, euphoniums, tubas, woodwind instruments as well as bagpipes & bugles.


AMMO & Company Ltd have been making Drum Major’s staffs for over 150 years and our staffs have been carried by the finest drum majors of bands throughout the world. Many staffs are specially designed and made to order only and a few standard models have also been developed to satisfy the majority of requirements. We serve within the United States, all overseas territories and military bases and worldwide